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I had no idea my home on Long Island was infested with bed bugs until I saw some pictures of bed bugs on the Internet on your web site and realized those were the same little monsters Iʼd been seeing in my bedroom. Either I hadnʼt been bitten or I am just one of those people who doesnʼt react to the bites. Of course, I knew about the huge problem of bed bugs in New York, NY and of getting rid of bed bugs in NYC, but I really thought that because I live on Long Island I wouldn’t have to worry. I did a Google search of “exterminators Long Island NY” and found Bed Bugs Pest Control NYC right away. They arrived at my home when they said they would, did their thing, and came back a few more times to make sure the job was done right. No complaints!
Darcy F.
Long Island, NY
I live in Park Slope, Brooklyn and Iʼm really paranoid when it comes to bedbugs in my home and even the thought of having bed bugs in my apartment makes me a little crazy. I called Bed Bugs Pest Control NYC just to make sure my place was bedbug free. Good news–it was. They did a full inspection, explained to me the bed bug symptoms, and took preventative action against ants and roaches, a persistent problem in the kitchen. Now I have the peace of mind to sleep at night, without worrying about a bug landing on me.
Susan S.
Brooklyn, NY
As the owner of a motel in the Bronx near the stadium, my livelihood depends on the reputation of my establishment being clean and free of bed bugs. We have new people coming in every day and bed bug prevention has to be a way of life around here. We’ve never had a bed bug infestation thanks to a standing contract with Bed Bugs Pest Control NYC. They show up and do it right! The green solutions they recommended and put into place have worked without incident.
Louis M.
South Bronx, NY
My mom born and raised in Staten Island, who’s in her eighties, called me up pretty hysterical in the middle of the night because she thought she had some painful bed bug bites on her neck and arm . The day before she noticed some sort of bugs in her bed near the headboard. Though she lives in Staten Island, I travel back and for and live in Queens and Staten Island. I’ve heard about the bed bug epidemic in NYC getting worse every year. I called Bed Bugs Pest Control NYC and they came to my mom’s house straight away. (They had technicians in the area.) The exterminator technician were very thorough and after fully evaluating her home they told us the problem wasn’t bed bugs after all. He did notice some ants, however, and took care of it that day. Haven’t had a problem since.
Rebekah W.
Staten Island, NY
Iʼm the property manager of a 60-unit condominium in New York City, dealing with a serious some serious pest issues and our residents were up in arms of it. Early on, we had some issues with bed bugs that had spread to a number of floors and units, but they’ve all been resolved thanks to Bed Bugs Pest Control NYC. They did what they said they would and needed to be done to keep our building free of all pests–bed bugs included. Couldn’t be happier with the service and thank you for always following up.
Jack F.
New York City, NY