Tell Bees to Buzz Off

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Nothing ruins a summer day outside like bees buzzing around you and your loved ones. While some flying bugs are harmless, others - like wasps and hornets - can be vicious. Luckily, with bee removal services from Yorkers Pest Control, you can relax knowing that we'll find and eliminate the nests of stinging insects in a timely manner. We can even smoke out bees that are living in the soil.

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Why should you get rid of bees ASAP?

Maybe you've only seen a couple of wasps or hornets buzzing around your windows. You'll still want to call a bee removal company if you spot even one because these insects:

  • Can build nests in hidden places that are hard to find
  • Can become territorial about their nests, and will sting when threatened
  • Can attack in packs, which means more pain for you if you cross them

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