Give Ants Their Marching Orders

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Seeing a couple of ants in your kitchen might not seem like a big deal, but if you don't take care of them right away, you could end up with a serious infestation on your hands. Don't give ants the opportunity to take over your home or facility in the Inwood, NY area. Schedule prompt ant control services from Yorkers Pest Control. We can treat both indoor and outdoor ant problems.

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5 ways to prevent ant infestations

In between ant control appointments, a few easy ways you can stop ants in their tracks include:

  • Leaving doors closed when not in use
  • Keeping your kitchen free of food scraps
  • Sealing up cracks or openings in the walls
  • Drying up damp areas, like your basement and attic
  • Moving compost or wood piles away from your home

Schedule ant removal services today to keep your home or business facility in Inwood, NY free of creepy crawlies.